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FS Plant

Feng shui plants are plants that can be used to enhance the energy of your home or work environment. They are believed to promote peace, health and the flow of wealth. Here are some common Feng Shui plants and their functions:

1. Money Tree: It is believed to bring wealth and blessings, and is helpful for the smooth development of career and increase of wealth.

2. Money tree: Symbolizes perseverance, stability and success, and can bring good career and wealth.

3.: Qin Ye Rong: It can purify the air, eliminate negative energy, and bring a healthy and harmonious environment.

4. Duck foot wood: Contributes to family harmony and strengthens the relationship between husband and wife and parent-child.

5. Bamboo Sunflower: It is considered to improve academic performance and wisdom, and is suitable for placement in the study room or study environment. `

6. Lucky bamboo: represents the improvement of wealth and status, suitable for placing in commercial places or entrances.

Choosing Feng Shui plants that suit your needs and placing them reasonably according to Feng Shui principles can effectively enhance the positive energy of your home or office environment. But please remember, plants are just auxiliary tools, the most important thing is your own state of mind and attitude towards life. Hope this information is helpful to you.

 Banyan tree hover image

Banyan tree

 Size : 5-6' ..

 Bamboo Tree hover image

Bamboo Tree

 Size : 4-5'..

 Piano Tree hover image

Piano Tree

Size :4-5'..

Money tree hover image

Money tree

 Size : 5-6' high..

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